Happy, Healthy & Harmonious Living
(filled with products worthy of being in your home)
Simple, local, organic and green materials is the heart of Bella Henry Boutique. The world has too much harmful products in it so why add to that? We are on a mission to change that by using materials that come from the earth naturally, are recycled or upcycled from production to packaging.  We also love getting to know where our materials come from so we use local and small businesses where we create relationships just not purchases to make sure we use the best quality materials in all of our products.

Our customers are not just customers, they are part of the family. We treat every customer as we would our family resulting in one amazing expereince that keeps customers coming back.

All items are made in Minnesota using earth friendly materials, excellent craftsmanship, and exceedlingly high quality.

Only the Best...Out with the Rest
(that is the best materials & quality...no buts about it)

Perfectly Pampered Pets
Simple Skincare
Soaps, lotions, lip balms, shave soaps, bath bombs and so much more. All made with essential oils, organic and all natural ingredients. No chemicals, perfumes or harsh ingredients in these...ever!
Whether it's treats, bag holders for bags to use to clean up Fido's mess, paw balm, collar bling or soap we got you covered to pamper your special companion. People are not the only ones to get pampered in our book.
Upcycled & Natural Jewelry
Dress to Impress the Planet
Jewelry you will feel good about wearing as well as purchasing. We only use natural materials such as glass, metal, stone, wood, acorns and yarn.  Earth made materials creates natural beauty in every piece.
Simple clothing with amazing beauty. Whether it be a diaper cover for newborn photos or a sweater for school photos, our clothing will make special moments and day to day life more beautiful.
Earth Approved Outerwear
Harmonious Home
Scarves, gloves & ear warmers oh my! Eveything to keep you and your loved ones warm. Made with organic yarn in beautiful and fun colors to brighten up any day.  
Using recycled and upcycled materials to make your home chic and stylish. Feel good decorating your home while making a green purchase.
Out with the Disposable
Got an Idea?
We love getting ideas from custmomers. Truth be told, a lot of our products come from people asking if we could make something they are looking for. If you have an idea, we would love to hear about it. Drop us a note in the contacts section. Don't worry...there are no dumb ideas.
Coffee cup cozies, tea cozies, kombucha sweaters, wathclothes, soap holders and oh so much more.  The best part is you get to replace the stuff you use all the time and replace it with an environmental friendly item. No more getting a coffee cup cozy when you get your coffee as you can wrap your coffee cup in style to show off your personality. 
Customer Service Galore
Shipping to Write Home About
Spread the Word
Great custom service is at your fingertips.  We treat all customers like they are family and friends so you can feel at ease from ordering to recieving your items.
Items are ready to ship in 1-5 days so you get them in a timely manner. No more waiting for weeks for items you order online. Get them when you need them and no later.
When you have an awesome expereince and amazing products, why not spread the word! We love hearing about your experience  and love of our products and appreciate you telling others too!