Meet Laura Potter
Never in a million years would I have thought I would be an eco-warrior...well, last year changed that! I will now yell it from the highest mountaintop that I am here to help make our lives and planet more healthy, harmonious and happy.

My commitment to being an eco-warrior is to share with the world products that are functional, beautiful and eco-friendly from production to packaging. Sharing my passion makes this job such an amazing adventure. No more chemicals, toxins or things I cannot even pronounce (or even start to think what is in them). Being sustainable, reuseable and safe is instilled in every product from the design, creation and packaging.  Not every product idea makes it to production as we have a high standard of using only earth friendly materials. There is no settling on that! We only have one planet, so we need to treat it well.
Being an eco-warrior is easy when you use only high quality materials and superb craftsmanship.  We not only sell items, we use them in our home. I am also passionate about using local small businesses for purchasing my supplies. Creating a relationship with others who have the same committment of making the world better is important to me.
So what is my inspiration? I bet you could guess and be right as it is pretty clear. Nature. Pure and simple. Beauty is found everywhere in nature and I want to create that in your homes by using nature inspired colors, materials and scents to create a blissful, peaceful and happy environment. 

When I am not working I enjoy riding my horse, playing volleyball, going on walks, hanging out with friends and family time with my husband, Bella (my daughter), Henry (dachshund) and Mikey (Great Dane Mix). I also love to laugh and having a 6 year old and two silly pups gives me plenty of laughs every day.

Go forth and change the world one product at a time my fellow eco-warriors!

Love, Hugs & Harmony,
Laura Potter
Owner, Designer & Creator